Team Practice Field Locations

Listed below are the practice field assignments. Check with your coach for practice time or if your team is not listed. Click on the field name for location.

Almondridge Park
Tue/Thu Hurricanes Hugo Sanchez Girls U12 925-237-0465
AYSC East Soccer Field #1
Mon/Wed Cobras Jesse Lopez Boys U15 925-503-6481
AYSC East Soccer Field #2
Mon/Wed Lady Quakes Jessica Castellanos Girls U15
AYSC East Soccer Field #3
Mon/Wed Golden Panthers Alex Heredia Boys U12 925-250-7350
Mon/Wed Green Tigers Alex Heredia Boys U8 925-250-7350
Tue/Thu Blue Panthers Patrick Thompson Boys U10 510-435-6081
Tue/Thu Phoenix FC Patrick Thompson Boys U12 510-435-6081
AYSC East Soccer Field #4
Mon/Wed Vipers Octavio Solorio Boys U10 9259635855
AYSC Soccer Field B1
Chaos Crew Dominic Pisciotto Girls U15 925-683-6032
AYSC Soccer Field C
TOP SOCCER To Be Determined Boys U14 555-1212
AYSC Soccer Field D
Mon/Wed Teal Tigers Priscilla Cofresi Girls U8
AYSC Soccer Field E
Mon/Wed Speedy Cheetahs Nichole Bonsteel Girls U6 925-348-2792
Tue/Thu Raptors 408 Travis Sommers Boys U10 9255700212
AYSC Soccer Field G
Tue/Thu The Panthers Matthew Brenes Boys U8
Country Manor Park
Mon/Wed Chivas Richie Avila Boys U10 925-978-7640
Mon/Wed IMPACT F.C. Richard Avila Boys U15 925-234-3407
Tue/Thu Santos Richie Avila Boys U15 925-978-7640
Tue/Thu SUN Manuela Flores Boys U15 925-457-8276
Tue/Thu IMPACT Richard Avila Girls U15 925-234-3407
Hansen Park
Mon/Wed Pink Bandits Jalyn Zeeb Girls U10 925-727-2202
Tue/Thu Wildcats Robert Oles Girls U12 916-472–1379