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DYSL Referee Assigning Guidelines

DYSL uses a web based referee scheduler which provides the capability for self assignment to games which can make assigning games easier for referees and assignors.  A 1-4 level system is being used to provide a means for matching the ability of a referee to the game. Additionally the following guidelines apply. Self assignments may be changed by the Referee Coordinator or assistant in order to better cover games overall.  If a referees self assignment is changed, the referee will be contacted by the Referee Coordinator or assistant.

  1. Do not assign to a game in a Division that you coach in, play in, or have a relative playing in.  (Example, if you or a relative coach U12G then don’t referee U12G. If your son, nephew, grandson, brother plays in U15B then don’t referee U15B).
  2. Referees should only referee games in the age group below that which they play. Adults may referee any age group provided their ability and level allow it.
  3. Referees should not referee a match in which his/her child is participating unless agreed upon by both teams.  If you find yourself at your son or daughters' game and there is no referee and you are willing to referee, then make sure both coaches are aware you are a parent of a player in the game.  Article XX – Referee Conflict – Item A, p.32 bylaws.
  4. No youth referee shall call a match as a center referee for an age group that has players in the same age group or older than (s)he competes/could compete.  Article XX – Referee Conflict – Item B, p.32 bylaws.
  5. No 1st year referee shall call a match for U-14 or older unless approved by Referee Coordinator.  Article XX – Referee Conflict – Item C, p.32 bylaws.
  6. No 1st year referee shall call a Competition match unless approved by Referee Coordinator. Article XX – Referee Conflict – Item D, p.32 bylaws.
  7. Self assigning to a game is a commitment to cover that game. The web based referee scheduler will not allow on line self cancellation within 7 days of a game. If you must cancel a game within 7 days of the game, contact the Referee Coordinator.
  8. Referees that would like to referee a game above their current level or would like to have their level changed should contact the Referee Coordinator.

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