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Girls Division News

Park Permit - ACP/Country Manor
Here are the permits for Antioch Community Park - Country Manor Park.

File: ACP - Country Manor.pdf
Jim Bonwell
7/19/17 12:27 PM

Park Permit - Gentrytown - Harbour
Here are the permits for Gentrytown - Harbour parks.

File: Gentrytown - Harbour.pdf
Jim Bonwell
7/20/17 8:33 AM

Park Permit - Dallas Ranch - Eagleridge
Here are the permits for Dallas Ranch - Eagleridge park.

File: Dallas Ranch - Eaglesridge.pdf
Jim Bonwell
7/20/17 8:48 AM

Park Permit - Heidorn - Meadowcreek
Here are the permits for Heidorn - Meadowcreek park.

File: Heidorn - Meadowcreek.pdf
Jim Bonwell
7/20/17 8:49 AM

Park Permit - Mira Vista Hills - Mira Vista Park
Here are the permits for Mira Vista Hills - Mira Vista park.

File: Mira Vista Hills - Mira Vista Park.pdf
Jim Bonwell
7/20/17 8:49 AM

Goal Location for field setup and tear down.
Goal post and nets will be stored at the following locations for the 2017 season. Please remember to respect the privacy of the volunteers who will be storing the goals at their houses. Be sure to return all components of the goals. Also, make sure you do not leave any of the securing stakes behind at the field.

**Please make sure that each goal is secured on each side by a minimum of two stakes per side. Stakes need to be located on the side supports to hold the goal frames securely in place. Do not use any stakes on the back of the net unless you have at least two stakes on each side of each net.**

Stack goals neatly when returning to the storage locations.

AYSC #G - goals and corner flags will be stored at wood shed at AYSC East fields. Combo is 2009. Corner flags are stored in the shed.

Meadow Creek - 5270 Mohican Way, Antioch. The goals will be located next to the garage. You can pick them up Friday afternoon/night (no later than 8 p.m.) or Saturday morning. Please return them Saturday after the last game and stack them next to the garage. You will need a truck since the goal bags are 6+ feet long.

Antioch Youth Sports Center AYSC (Wilbur) - U6 and U8 goals are located in the large Condex box near the west parking lot. U6/U8 goals are new this year and are the canvas bags. The goals the same size for each, so it does not matter which bag you grab. They work like tents with fiberglass poles. Should be easy to figure out. Combo is 2085.

Antioch Youth Sports Center AYSC East (Wymore) - AYSC East #1, #2, #3 and #4 use full size goals which are permanently located on the field. Corner flags are stored in the wood shed in the corner. Combo code is 2009.

Jim Bonwell
8/7/17 9:02 PM

Coaches please read...
CalNorth switched to a new registration system this past year. As such, all coaches need to re-register in the Bonzi system. We tried, but were not able to transfer coach information over from the previous system.

Coaches need to comply in order to be assigned to teams in Bonzi. Without creating an online member registration the teams cannot be activated. However, the team activation is most important to make sure we have coaches that have been live scanned.

If you were a coach in good standing last year there is an account using your email address. If not, just create a new account. Once created, CalNorth will accept or reject depending on whether you have completed your LiveScan background check.

The website is: http://delta.calnorthlive.com

Attached are the registration instructions. Please complete ASAP.

File: CalNorth Member Login 2017.pdf
Jim Bonwell
10/11/17 7:21 PM

2018 Board Nominations
Board nominations for the 2018 playing season are now being accepted. Each board member must be elected annually by a majority of the membership. The Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, December 7th.

All members are eligible to run for any board position, provided they meet the minimum requirements for the desired position as stated in the DYSL Bylaws.

Anyone who desires to run for a position should contact Lisa Zamora by email at dyslscribe@gmail.com. The deadline is November 1st at 5:00 pm. Please provide your name and the position you desire to run for. Each member will be given an opportunity to provide a statement to the membership before election night.

All Directors shall serve for a period of two (2) calendar years following the Annual General Meeting.

The two-year term will begin in calendar years ending in even numbers for the following offices: President, Secretary, Registrar, Comp Registrar, Equipment Director, Girls League Director, Referee Director, Fields Director, and U6 Director.

The two-year term will begin in calendar years ending in odd years for the following offices: Vice-President, Treasurer, Assistant Registrar, Competition Director, Training Coordinator, Boys League Director, Special Events Coordinator, TOPSoccer Director, and U8 Director.

The following board positions are up for election this year. Most are for a 2-year term, but a couple of positions have been vacated and will be up for a 1-year term.

President (2-year)
Secretary (2-year)
Registrar (2-year)
Comp Registrar (2-year)
Equipment Director (2-year)
Girls League Director (2-year)
Referee Director (2-year)
Fields Director (2-year)
Developmental Age Group Director (2-year)
TOPSoccer Director (1-year)
Special Events Director (1-year)

If you have an interest in serving but would like more information feel free to contact any existing board member to discuss the various requirements for each position.

Jim Bonwell
10/22/17 2:07 PM

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