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Girls Division News

AYSC Parking Lot
Please be aware that cars are going to be towed and/or ticketed for being illegally parked at AYSC.

Over past few weeks we have witnessed people speeding in parking lot please remember our children are walking to and from parking lot. Slow down!

Rodney McClelland
8/21/15 11:25 AM

2015 Antioch School Sites Practice Permits
Attached is a PDF with a copy of the practice permits for the several Antioch Unified School District school sites DYSL is using in 2015 for practice. Please print a copy of the page for the school site where you are practicing and have it with you whenever you use the school property for practice.

File: 2015 AUSD Practice Permits.pdf
Jim Bonwell
7/26/15 10:24 PM

Goal Location for field setup and tear down.
Goal post and nets will be stored at the following locations for the 2015 season. Please remember to respect the privacy of the volunteers, who will be storing the goals at their houses. Be sure to return all components of the goals. Also, make sure you do not leave any of the securing stakes behind at the field.

**Please make sure that each goal is secured on each side by a minimum of two stakes per side. Stakes need to be located on the side supports to hold the goal frames securely in place. Do not use any stakes on the back of the net unless you have at least two stakes on each side of each net.**

Stack goals neatly when returning to the storage locations.

Hansen Park - 5120 Hansen, Antioch. This is across the street from the bathrooms. When returning, place on left side of driveway.

AYSC #G - goals and corner flags will be stored at wood shed at AYSC East fields. Combo is 2009. These goals are have the yellow tape on the bars. Corner are stored in the shed.

Meadow Creek - goals and corner flags will be stored at wood shed at AYSC East fields. Combo is 2009. These goals have the red tape on the bars and are labeled full size on the shoulder strap. Corner flags and stakes are in the bag.

Antioch Youth Sports Center AYSC (Wilbur) - U6 and U8 goals are located in the large Condex box near the west parking lot. U8 goals have to be put together. U6 goals are already put together. Combo is 2085.

Antioch Youth Sports Center AYSC East (Wymore) - AYSC East #1, #2, #3 and #4 use full size goals which are permanently located on the field. Corner flags are stored in the wood shed in the corner. Combo code is 2009.

Kevin Locklin
8/4/15 1:40 PM

Printing Match Reports Prior to Your Game
Match Reports, which replaced the old game cards, need to be printed prior to the game. The home team coach should print three copies, one for themselves and two for the referees. The visiting coach should also print a copy for their own reference and in case the home team coach forgets to bring their copies.

The Match Report can be accessed from the DYSL Administrator Functions menu under the Reports menu - Match Reports. Open the Match Reports and click on the icon on the far right of your game schedule to open the Match Report and print the copies needed. A reference document is attached below.

File: DYSL Website How-To Guide.pdf
Kevin Locklin
8/12/15 9:32 AM

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