2nd Annual Delta Blast Soccer Tournament
July 15 - 16th, 2017
U10, U11, U12 & U13 Boys & Girls (Bronze/Silver)
$500 per team

This is our 2nd annual tournament hosted by Delta Youth Soccer League in Antioch, California.  Teams are guaranteed 3 games of play.   Games will be played at the Antioch Youth Sports Complex and our newly turfed Antioch Community Park.

Registration is open at https://www.gotsport.com/forms/app/?EventID=58422
Credential: All US Club Soccer, USYSA, AYSO and other USSF-affiliated teams are eligible to play, provided that the proper US Club credentials are presented at registration.  CYSA registered teams may attend using their CYSA player passes and insurance.

Game Length:
U10 age group: 25 minute halves (30 minutes for Consolation/Finals)
U11 age group: 25 minute halves (30 minutes for Consolation/Finals)
U12 age group: 30 minute halves (35 minutes for Consolation/Finals)
U13 age group: 30 minute halves (35 minutes for Consolation/Finals)

Roster Size: Maximum of 18 players for any one game.

Guest Players: This tournament will accept up to five (5) guest players on a team. Guest player forms must be submitted at check-in, complete with all signatures. Guest player must have current player pass, medical release of the same year as the rest of the team, to be inspected at check-in.

Scoring: Tournament points will be awarded to and deducted from each team based on the following system:
Six (6) points for each win
Three (3) points for each tie
Zero (0) points for a loss

1 point will be awarded for each goal up to 3 goals
1 point will be awarded for a shutout unless a 0-0 tie, then no point

A total maximum of 10 points can be awarded for any single game
1-point deduction for each player sendoff
2-point deduction for each coach sendoff

 “Sportsmanship Rule”: For any team scoring more than 8 goals than their opponent, a one point penalty will be assessed.

Awards: Individual player awards will be awarded to each player and coach of the first, second and third place teams.  All Players and Coaches will receive a Tournament Pin.
 *  1st Place: Team Trophy and Individual Player Award
 *  2nd Place: Individual Player Award
 *  3rd Place: Individual Player Award

Tournament Director
Betty Tran-Redman


Delta Youth Soccer League  P.O. Box 2085 Antioch, CA 94531 (925) 978-5020