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2015/16 Age Matrix
Age Birthdate
U19 8/1/96 - 7/31/97
U18 8/1/97 - 7/31/98
U17 8/1/98 - 7/31/99
U16 8/1/99 - 7/31/00
U15 8/1/00 - 7/31/01
U14 8/1/01 - 7/31/02
U13 8/1/02 - 7/31/03
U12 8/1/03 - 7/31/04
U11 8/1/04 - 7/31/05
U10 8/1/05 - 7/31/06
U9 8/1/06 - 7/31/07

Competition League News

2016 Proposed Bylaw Changes and Board Election
Here are the ballots for proposed bylaw changes for 2016 and candidates for the 2016 Board. The election of new board members and these proposed changes will be on held on Wed, Dec 2nd at Dallas Ranch at 8:00 pm.

Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Referees, and Team Parents can vote in the election. Those who wish to vote via absentee ballot can print the two ballots, complete them, email to the Secretary ( and copy the President (

Team Parents must have the head coach email the Secretary with their name in order for us to accept the ballot. Assistant Coach must be on the official roster. Referees must have worked 8 games.

Board of Director Candidates for 2016
President: Jim Bonwell / Rodney McClelland
Vice President: Jamie Collins / John Simmons
Secretary: open
Treasurer: Kelly MacCallister
Registrar: Chris Zerbini
Asst. Registrar: Tami Spence
Comp Registrar: Jim Redman
Boys League Director: Conrad Diaz
Girls League Director: Kevin Graham
U8 Director: Ron Rowland
U6 Director: Shannel Bagno
Competition Director: Vladi Hernandez
Training Coordinator: Chris Gaughan / Ramon Hyland
Equipment Director: Jennifer Dozier / Diana Diaz / Jose Quesada
Fields Director: Kevin Locklin
Referee Coordinator: Basker Veeraswami
Special Events Coordinator: Joe Mitchell
TopSoccer Director: Lydia Moon

Click here for Board ballot. The link below is the bylaw ballot.

File: DYSL Ballot 2015.pdf
Jim Bonwell
11/18/15 9:18 AM

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